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Smoked/Fermented Products

Our Salamis are matured in the traditional way using only the best quality raw materials which gives them a distinct and delicious taste and aroma.
Windhoek Salami, Edel Salami, Pepper Salami, Game Salami, Beef Salami, Italian Salami, Dauerwurst, German Salami

Smoked Meat Collection

Cooked Products

Such as:
Bockwurst, Debreziner, Käsegriller, Russians, Smoked Viennas, Cocktail Viennas, Footlong Viennas, Wiener Würstchen

Cooked products


A well developed range of Hams like...
Gypsy Ham, Sandwich Ham, Black Forest Ham, Cooked Ham, Cooked Tongue in Aspic, Farmsmoked Ham, German cooked Ham, Kaiserfleisch, Smoked Beef.


Cold Meats

A range of delicately spiced loaves & polonies such as:
Chicken Roll, Turkey Roll, Smoked Ham, Farmstyle Meat Loaf, Bierwurst, Fleischwurst, French Polony, Ham Loaf, Hunterís Loaf, tongue Loaf, Jagdwurst, Cold Meat selection.

Cold Meat Collection


Delicate Spreads like:
Mettwurst, Teewurst, Biltong spread, Continental Liver Spread, Gold Patė, Zwiebling

Meat Spreads, like liver spread, biltong spread and patė

Snack Range

Healthy, high protein snack range such as:
Kabanossi, Landjäger, Beef Biltong, Game Biltong, Droëwors

Snacks including droë
wors, biltong and landjäger.

Portion controlled fresh meat

Matured, marinated and portion controlled meat is cut according to individual taste & specifications and prepared and packed for Lodges, Hotels, Restaurants and Guesthouses.

Fresh meat portions packed for Namibia
Meat Market, Champion, Hartlief Sop and Bistro, Hartlief Cusine, Rooftop Bistro and Delicatessen, Windhoek Wild, NamWilde, NamLamm, Nam Skins